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Positive thought poetry

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The “Why single” question

This is not to be personalized but going off a few assessment. Many of the ex-factors (exes) are unhappy people these days. Does that make me happy? Not at all, but does it prove anything? It may prove that they really let go of a good thing.

“Love Supreme”

 They let go of a spark on a cold night

They let go of hypnotic eyes and since you put in efforts

I’ve got a surprise

The catches glances and the still some innocence in a vulgar disrespect world

No longer will they enjoy a precious pearl

A mature but elastic superior of good genes

A Love Supreme

A go getter in the highest sense

Someone who wouldn’t have given up

Had they have given more instead of making it a case

Of close and shut

And to see them complain being used by others

But those are the best-treated lovers

Who in the world

Brainwashed them

Didn’t even charm or challenge them

But next time, you can’t believe someone similar to me could be single?

Every engagement of being madly in love

The ones who asked were envious crying out their hearts to the above

Wondering why they didn’t put the effort necessary for the Dove



But is the rare rose losing Faith

She wonders are they worth it?

She’s going to make them due and put in all necessary effort

And not pressed until he continues to represent him as the best

In word, deed, thought, effort, fantasy, reality and spirituality in and out

The rest

Goes on

Make and keep your best efforts

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My baby


So beautiful

The daughter I dream of

The little Aries that will come from above

As the clock continues to click

The princess who reminds me of me as the precious pearl I was

So sweet

So innocent in a world of chaos and danger

I long to love, hold, nurture and protect her

Giving her all the love inside of me and us celebrating our worth

Dreamed of her so many times

Like looking back at myself

And wanting to nurture the little me inside

Copyright © 2015   5101321    A. Deep Aries Poetry