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Where are you?

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My baby


So beautiful

The daughter I dream of

The little Aries that will come from above

As the clock continues to click

The princess who reminds me of me as the precious pearl I was

So sweet

So innocent in a world of chaos and danger

I long to love, hold, nurture and protect her

Giving her all the love inside of me and us celebrating our worth

Dreamed of her so many times

Like looking back at myself

And wanting to nurture the little me inside

Copyright © 2015   5101321    A. Deep Aries Poetry


The Starbucks woman


starbucks woman.jpg

That day I decided to sit down and have my coffee

Instead of always on the run

And  I see a middle aged lady with few tote bags of some

Possibly because she’s homeless

I see it all the time

But this is the first one that stuck into mind

She greeted me with a smile

Didn’t ask for anything

This lady seemed like a meek, radiant being

Her demeanor was just so positive

Her vibe connected with me

Though there was no interaction other than her happiness to be

Or a good soul that she saw in me

Who knows who she was or what her life was like before

But I saw someone’s heart from the core

© April Deep Aries 550151021212

Sun Goddess

The sun Goddess
In a world full of snakes
Her silence she breaks
That snake is in the grass
It rolls around like a serpeant in the garden of eden
But this hunter is looking for prey
They want to pretend they are on your side
But stealing parts of you to get you on their side
But drop you once they are back with their own pride
I never entitled myself Queen or a powerful woman
These are names given to me
Well since God blessed me to see
I guess I am a part of the sun
The Goddess of life’s mystery
© April Deep Aries Gar

Kisses from a rose


Kiss from a rose

Red beautiful and scent so magnifient
So heaven sent
Wandering through everyday life’s tense
Scarred but never a dent
A gentle soul in my life came to me
And my inner rose sees again beauty
Radiant and vibrant
Caressing and triumphant
Loyal presence and genuine essence
Became a true present
Keep watering my life with positivity
And I glow as the sunlight on that beautiful rose
© Copyright 2015 A. Deep Aries of A. Deep Aries live